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Girl's Education Initiative


Girl's Education initiative

Tertiary education for girls who grew up in our homes
- Covering the costs for 4 years of university studies
  At the moment there are 4 students in education and
2 female students have finished their studies and earn enough 
to support their siblings in their studies.
Per student approx. Fr 800-1200 per year i.e. approx. Fr 4000 per student.


Suppiah Charity organises and helps people who want to contribute their knowledge and work within the framework of a volunteer assignment in our partner organisations. 

The duration of the assignment is usually 2 -3 months.

So far, 14 people have gone to India through the mediation of Suppiah Charity.

The support is of an organisational and idealistic nature, the volunteers travel at their own expense, the partner organisation takes care of accommodation and food. 

The aim of these aid missions is direct help and the transfer of knowledge on site, as well as, as an important side effect, the understanding of the need for help.


Schooling for All

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