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Suppiah Charity Association

The Suppiah Charity is a non-profit organization which has set itself the goal of promoting projects in India to support women, children and elderly people who are destitute or have physical and mental disabilities.

The „Suppiah Charity Association” was founded on 11 in March 2010 in Planken (FL) and is registered in the Liechtenstein Public Register.

My connection to „Suppiah Charity” is a personal one. I know Bernadette Mageswari Suppiah from Malaysia, living in Birmingham, UK, since 1995 because of our mutual profession. Mrs Bernadette Mageswari Suppiah, founder of Suppiah Charity Foundation in Great Britain, is like me, Yvonne Odoni, a physical therapist. She studied in Bangalore while I studied in South Africa.

Since 2008 Mrs Suppiah and I have evaluated local projects in Goa, Pune and Mumbai. During these visits we could build up many valuable personal contacts. Through regular visits of projects, the association guarantees that the donated funds benefit the individual projects directly and entirely, as our travels are financed entirely out of our private resources.

Our partner organization for the biggest project realized until now is „The Society of Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery”. The main objective of the Society of St. Joseph’s Sisters is the emergency aid, support and rehabilitation of women and children in acute or permanent distress.

In October 2010, the Provincial sister Molly Zacharia of the Nirmala Province of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Kon Village, approached the Suppiah Charity with a request for the support in building of a new home at Ish Kripa Sadan in Siolim, Goa.

We, at the Suppiah Charity have accompanied and helped to plan and shape this project right from the beginning. The cost of the new building was approximately £105´000 and the “Suppiah Charity Association” has a supplied £73´000 and thus financed a substantial part of the construction. The Province of the Order of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery could bring together the remaining £32000 from other donations.

In November 2011, the building was blessed and inaugurated and it was a joyous day for all involved. The new building (ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor), has a surface area of 700 square meters and provides shelter for around 25 inmates and 7-8 caregivers.

The contributions of Suppiah Charity were managed and accounted for separately.

Yvonne Odoni accompanied the project through regular visits on-site.





Inmates Ish Kripa Sadan


New buildingNew Building

The association “Suppiah Charity” is planning a long-standing commitment to both the above project as well as for other eligible projects in Goa, Mumbai and Pune.

The voluntary support of local projects and the fundraising by The Suppiah Charity Association shall be continued.

Our projects so far


1. Renovation the physiotherapy department in Snehalaya, Pune.

Walker 1

Walker 2

Walker 3

Parallel bars1


2. Evaluation and help in the planning of the Physiotherapy program in Snehalaya.


Yvonne Snehalaya

3. “Therapy Walk-in camps” in Goa. Free diagnosis and therapy plus a home-exercise program. Voluntary donations were put into the Charity account to be used for further projects.

Walk in Camp1Walk in Camp2
4. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and toys for Snehalaya


5. Christmas biscuit parcels from child to child




6. Purchase of walking aids and medicine for Nursing Homes in Goa.

Walker Nursing home

7. Individual and group therapy in senior citizen homes


8. Spectacles from senior citizens in Liechtenstein to senior citizens in India


9. Books, teaching aids and toys for Ish Kripa and Snehalaya

Books Ish Kripa


1. Solar water heating system for home for mentally and physically disabled children Snehalaya in Pune

Electric wires SnehalayaSolar water heating Snehalaya

2. Travel support for women in Vatsalyadham (Home for mentally disturbed women of Maher), Pune

Travel support1Travel support2Travel support3

3. 13 stainless steel tables and 78 stainless steel chairs for Maher Vatsalyadham so that the women won´t have to sit on the floor for meals and doing handcrafts.

Eating on floorEating at table2Eating at table1
4. The Suppiah Charity has placed 14 volunteers in homes since 2009. The volunteers assisted and helped in our supported homes and institutions with their specific knowledge and skills. Until now we have had volunteers in the areas of nutrition counselling, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, solar technology, medicine, etc.

During our visits we also give spontaneous donations as the need arises.

1. Mermier Ashraya in Dahanu for the procurement of teaching aids and instructional materials for vocational training (sewing machines and computers)

Sewing lessons at Dahanu

2. St Joseph’s Nursing Home in Siolim, Goa and migrant shelter for nursing equipment and medication

Exercises St Josephs

3. Helping our taxi driver from Candolim, Goa, who is unable to work because of his illness and cannot afford the costs for his cancer treatment and the support of his wife and child.

4. Supporting a young man in St. Joseph’s School in Edamon, Kerala, who sustains his severely disabled sister and elderly parents.

5. Sponsoring banisters in Vatsalyadham, Pune, for the prevention of falls of the elderly and confused residents on the stairs of the home.


Current projects

1. Maher: As primary contact, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Ulm / Neu-Ulm Rotary and Rotary Club Werdenberg, we are applying for a “Rotary Matching Grant”, to fund the general facilities like water, electricity, furniture, kitchen, playground and garden in the home for women and children in Ratnagiri. This project should be completed by October 2013.

2. Building and equipping a kindergarten playground in Edamon for children who have a very long way to school and spend all day on the school grounds.

Playground Edamon1Playground Edamon2

3. Repair of the roof of the old building at Ish Kripa Sadan, Siolim

Old roof Ish KripaNew roof Ish Kripa

4. Payment of the legal-, registration- and transfer costs for the purchase of the home and land in Ratnagiri in order to secure the property so that the renovations can be started. The house must be ready for occupation in October because they have been given notice to vacate the present home on the 1st of October 2013.

Future Projects

1. Support the self-help groups of women in Belgaum Kittur.

2. Assisting and backing the Sisters of St Josephs of Chambery, working there in their endeavour to protect the young girls from being forced to get married, through education and information of the parents and if necessary, intervention by the police.

3. Supporting FR. Prabhakar and the SMFS priests in their work with the street children in Mumbai, providing literacy and vocational training.

4. Support Maher in establishing homes for orphans, old age homes and a home for mentally disturbed women in Jharkhand, the poorest state in India.

5. Continued support for Ish Kripa Sadan in Goa and the old age Home in Siolim.

6. Helping and supporting trusted partners in their work with children, women and the elderly in need.

7. Supporting Snehalaya, home for mentally and physically challenged children, in Pune

8. Helping to establish and run a music school for under-privileged children in Pune



Our main aim is to give a shelter to people in need and achieve empowerment and future self-sufficiency for the women and children through literacy, health care and vocational guidance.

We have seen the misery and cannot simply close our eyes and block out the images. We are very lucky here and there people are standing on the losing side of life.

We ask you to support us in our efforts to bring some hope and joy into the lives of some people in India. Your contribution will go entirely to the projects.


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